Spooners Rewards Program

We truly appreciate you, our customers, and want to see you as often as possible! Therefore, we offer a REWARDS PROGRAM  to our loyal customers so you will be able to enjoy our healthy delicious yogurt at a special price.

Take our Survey and receive 4 FREE ounces of yogurt!

Sign-up & Track Rewards! 

Rewards specific to our Boulder and Fort Collins stores.

Points Reward
40 points FREE 6 oz Yogurt
80 points FREE 8 oz Yogurt
120 points FREE 10 oz Yogurt


 Just for joining our Rewards Program, you will receive 4 oz Yogurt FREE!

How it works:

  1. Provide cell number
  2. We keep track of your purchases and convert them to points
  3. Go to our website spoonersfroyo.com to view points
  4. Redeem your rewards as each level is achieved
  5. Sign up in seconds, click here

From time to time, Spooners will send you a special. To redeem this special you will be asked to text a phrase word back to Spooners. The special offer is then stored under your phone number and can be applied on your next Spooners visit.

Every dollar spent at Spooners will automatically be applied to your Spooners Rewards account!
Redemptions ($1 spent = 1 point)


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